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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

F1 Race 15 JAPAN (Suzuka) 03 - 05 October 2014

F1 Race 15 JAPAN (Suzuka)
03 - 05 October 2014


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We are looking at a very wet race this Sunday morning. Hoping you made it here live in front of your TV's at 6am - There is a typhoon moving in on Suzuka and full wets are in order at least with the amount of water on the surface.

Full Wets (A blue tire wall) These new full wets dispel about 65 litres of water per second! An improvement on the previous tire which managed 60 liters per second. That is a lot of water! Now imagine that water converted into spray and thrown up in your face, whilst you are driving through it at 180 - 200 kph without a windscreen wiper! (That will be about as fast as they can go on this wet track).

A safety car start was on the cards as the only way to start this wet race. However, if the conditions get much worse, we will be in for postponement, (potentially two hours of no racing and just commentary)?

Severe weather - is probably going to stop this race from taking place. There is a four hour rule, that says if the race is delayed, there is only a four hour window for it to take place, then the race is decided on qualifying grid positions.. 

However, at this time of year, it gets dark at about 5:30pm Suzuka time, so the race cannot be postponed for longer than two hours.. Looking at the conditions Now 7:02am in the UK, at lap two behind the safety car, there is no way they can race in this F1 fans opinion.

My view. I have seen plenty of races stopped with less water on the track surface than we have here. I believed for a time, that there would be no race today. I predicted the race would be stopped, with a minimum of 2 laps completed. And I was glad to be wrong!

If they had just done the two laps, the race officials would just award half points to each driver and team, depending upon their grid position after the two laps.  7:07 am UK BST time the race has been red-flagged. So here we go, this is the long-wait. 

We did not have to wait long, some drivers got out of their cars, because a ten minutes warning would be given if F1 officials decided to restart the race. They had not been out of their cars long when the ten minute restart warning came in. The race was back on!

The race restarted and conditions were good for a while. 

7:35am UK BST, the track is drying out a little as the cars do lap five, 80 kph behind the safety car, is not a race speed. Hamilton came on the radio to say the track was about as good as it gets. Lap 3 (or 4), Alonso went out with a total electrical failure in his Ferrari. 

At about lap 24/25 Raikkonen's Ferrari had pit-stop delays when a right front wheel nut got stuck. This is not going well for Ferrari. They had just made a statement in a BBC interview, that they were going to get Ferrari back on top. (Well, not with this current package they won't be and not even next year in my opinion because it will take a whole season just to get the car working). 

After several laps, the safety car released the F1 cars to full racing, but most drivers were having difficulty visually. The only drivers with the best clear view, were the first two at the front. 

There was a larger gap of about 20 seconds further back and it seemed the two drivers in front of that, (an almost separate following race-train of cars), did not want to catch up to the cars in front, because they would lose their visibility too. 

Some drivers switched to intermediates, which made this processional wet race more interesting. We saw some great overtaking, but cars were still sliding off the track and running wide in corners because there was simply not enough speed to give the required downforce for these cars to stick to the track.

Rosberg switched into the lead at lap 15, when Hamilton went in for tires. Rosberg came flying down the pit straight as Hamilton was just leaving the pit-lane. Later at lap 34, Rosberg had to pit for tires and that effectively switched Hamilton back in front.

Ricciardo did quite well in this race, with the best overtaking manoeuvres of the race. So, for this F1 fan, Ricciardo is driver of the race. The race conditions got worse at lap 38. I expected the race to be stopped, but it went on.

Sutil crashed his Sauber-Ferrari out after, (we think), aquaplaning at lap 40! A lap later the same happened to Bianchi, (we think), there was no news at the time of writing this, but Bianchi needed the medical car. You maybe heard me screaming at the TV for the F1 officials to stop the race, but they just ignored me as they do. (You F1 fans know how that goes)!

I was hash-tag and posting, to get involved at the BBC, saying the race should be stopped. But its rare that I ever get a reply. Others were also saying the race should be stopped in the various Twitters I follow.

Only a few more laps and the race was stopped. I really believe that the race should have been stopped earlier. Now later at 19:00 UK BST time, we are hearing that Jules Bianchi has serious head injuries; Which, considering the high safety standards in the cars cockpit and all the extra neck support and helmet high impact specifications, means he must have gone out with quite a bang. Lets hope he will be OK. He is in hospital getting CT scans now. Maybe that could have been avoided?

On that note, I am surprised that the BBC don't really do any reporting on Michael Schumachers condition. Have they forgotten about the greatest racing driver of all time? Don't you think they should at least give us an update every few races. I have made comments and requests regarding this to the BBC but I have had no reply ever.

Here's the latest on Michael Schumacher for you!

Pole Position.. See you next time.

F1 Race 15 JAPAN (Suzuka) 03 - 05 October 2014

RACE RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy
RACE RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy
RACE RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy

Fact File.Suzuka is 3.6 miles of track, originally built as a test track, the most unique feature of this track is that it is a figure of eight!

QUALIFYING RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy
QUALIFYING RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy
QUALIFYING RESULT F1-2014 Race-15 Japanese-F1-GP for courtesy
Other F1 News
Sebastian Vettel is to move to Ferrari Next Year.

F1 Race Time in JapanF1 Race Times in UK
Fri 03 October 2014
Practice 110:00 - 11:30
Practice 214:00 - 15:30
Sat 04 October 2014
Practice 311:00 - 12:00
Sun 05 October 2014
Fri 03 October 2014
Practice 102:00 - 03:30
Practice 206:00 - 07:30
Sat 04 October 2014
Practice 303:00 - 04:00
Sun 05 October 2014

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