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Monday, July 22, 2013

F1 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Race

F1 2013 Hungarian Grand Prix Race.

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F1 2013 Race, Hungarian Grand Prix. 

Hamilton, Riakkonen, Vettel.

Hungaroring, 26-28 July.
Live on BBC Radio 5 live, highlights on BBC TV and live text commentary online.

Man of the race for this F1 fan has to be Hamilton, I thought it was a great win, but there were some parts of the race where the BBC commentators were concerned for Hamilton. I could see he was focused and on the ball, unlike in his last past few races.

There's a lesson Hamilton should take from this, he did say in an interview that he had been talking with his father, (who is his main guiding light as I can see it). Once Lewis knows his father is in the race with him mentally, Hamilton gets his act together. Everyone knows it and can see it. Let hope the team realizes it too. 

Sun 28 July 2013.



Sat 27 July 2013


Practice 3


Fri 26 July 2013

Practice 2


Practice 1



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Formula1Race is an affiliate ad-supported website.

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