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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

F1 2013 Race, German Grand Prix

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F1 2013 Race, German Grand Prix.

Vettel, Raikkoenen, Grosjean.

Nurburgring, 5-7 July.

Not to take anything away from Riakkonen and Grosjean, I think the biggest part of their success in this race has to be down to the team as a whole and the car being really dialed-in for this circuit. As it was back in Bahrain in April, where they got a 2-3 podium in the same order.  So, it signals to me that, unless it is a coincidence, that it is down to the cars and the team being in tune with the circuit design.

This is a factor a team could use to measure their potential performance as a preview to even attending a race. The teams will have all the telemetry and technical data about every track and I bet this will show similarities at least between Bahrain and Germany's Nurburgring.  

So, men of the race (and team), for this F1 fan, really has to go to Raikkoenen 1st, Grosjean 2nd and Lotus-Renault overall. I love to see a team emerge like this. I bet they do it again at the next Bahrain-esk / Germany-like ring, (although I am not sure what that circuit is). It is to do with the technical telemetry from the car, when it is on a flat-out timed lap. Not necessarily to do with the shape of the track, length or cambers, but, they will all be factors!

Sun 07 July 2013
RACE DAY! 13:00

This is the 29th Career Pole Position for Lewis Hamilton.

Niko Rosberg did not make the final top ten in qualifying, but it was not his fault, he was fast enough, the team just left it too long to put the car out on the track. Blaming tweaking of the car as the cause of the delay. If Rosberg had have gone out on the track only seconds earlier than he did, his time would have been recorded before the end of the session.

Sat 06 July 2013
Qualifying.   13:00

The tire problems we saw back in the last F1 race at Silverstone, experts think, were caused by the teams switching the tires over and multiple other factors. The teams often switch the front left over to the right to get more ware out of the tire.

The tires in this case, that were being used at Silverstone, had a steel band inside them, this is ridged when pulled tight and straight, in combination with the tire pressure and the load stress placed upon the tire. The recommended tire pressures were 19 on rear and 16 on the front, yet most of the teams were using lower tire-pressures like 18 and 15 respectively.

It takes two to tango. Any other track and the tires may have been OK. At Silverstone however, the kerbs are high and very sharp. Teams reported finding tire-wall damage, in the form of cuts between two and ten inches in length on the tire walls.

Different track and car set-ups like the wheel camber, tow-in or out and brake balance put more load into tires at different points. Teams can sometimes even-out the wear on both front or both rear tires by switching them over to the other side of the car.

One tire might wear on the inner edge more whilst leaving the outer edge with less wear. On the other tire the outer edge might wear more. Its many factors, like tow-in where the steering bias is set to make the car turn more lightly to the left or right and to do with the camber (or tilt of the wheel), that is required on the wheel to make the tire wear more-evenly and reduce overall wear as the ultimate objective.

It is nothing like a standard road car set-up, but if you know the complexities of that as a reference, times that by 100 other factors for an F1 car. That's what causes one team to win over another. Experience, skill and control, that's what its all about.

Some interesting facts about F1 cars:-

Engines and KERS - Click here.


"On your marks. Get set. GO!"

Practice 3.  10:00 - 11:00


Fri 05 July 2013
Practice 2. 13:00 - 14:30

Practice 1.  09:00 - 10:30

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