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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Venue: Istanbul Park.
Date: Sunday 8 May.
Lap length: 3.317 miles.
Race laps: 58.
2010 winner: Lewis Hamilton. (McLaren).
First grand prix: 2005.

We are running on UK BST (British Summer Time).

 BBC is the best place to be. Please Visit the BBC Sport Website for confirmation of session times!

Go see it online today!

Instructions:- Copy and paste the above link into your browser.  When you get to the site, click on the picture and it will go to another bigger picture! Then click that picture to play the live feed!

Fri 06 May 2011  -
Practice 1 - 08:00 - 09:30  Done!

As you can see from the pic above, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso sets the fastest time (wet) in first practice!
McLaren's Lewis Hamilton did not make the first session in practice one and his times were off the board.

Red Bulls Sebastian Vettle made a serious error a turn 8, going out on intermediates, went into the corner under full throttle, hitting the kerb.  (I was shouting at Vettle as he went into the corner, that's maybe why he forgot how to drive in the wet; sorry).  Result, he looses grip, the car is a mess due to bouncing off the scenery and crash barrier.  But, at least he got his times in! - Lets hope his car can be fixed before lunchtime UK.

I've just tried to re-create the Vettle crash in F1 2010.  I crashed too, but then again, I can just press 'reset' on my xbox!

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Practice 2 - Fri 06 May 2011  -12:00 - 13:30 GMT UK Time. ON Now!

Vettle did not make it to Practice 2 and Alonso had a hard time, either loosing hydraulic pressure or perhaps due to a mistake, with using his KERS system, he spun out and returned to the pits, having to be pushed by the marshals down the pit-lane.

Schumacher has done well, holding 4th quickest in both practice sessions.

Sat 07 May 2011
 Practice 3 09:00 - 10:00  Done!
 Practice 3 was uneventful for the most part, except for niggles with KERS and DRS for some drivers.
Schumacher seems to have got his car working to his liking, lets hope he can get a good qualifying position!

(For the rest of the world, BST (British Summer Time), is GMT + 1 hour)).
Qualifying 12:00

I know I'm going to sound like a demented Schuey fan, but:-
I don't know what the BBC commentators are going on about, they cannot seem to leave Michael Schumacher alone can they?  Saying that it must be satisfying to Nico Rosberg, to beat his mentor Schumacher, a person Rosberg looked up to and idolized when he was coming up in the ranks of F1.  It is nothing of the sort, Schoey knows and respects Rosberg and vice versa.  

You don't hear them going on about Schuey beating all the other drivers who he is at an age disadvantage with, or all of the other veterans that he has just beaten in this qualifying session like Barrichello, Glock, Trulli, Massa, Heidfeld or Sutil.  Not satisfied with that, people have to start talking about rookie-driver Di Resta replacing Schumacher.  Di Resta is not even in the same league!  Did they not just see that Schuey out paced Di Resta throughout all of the practice sessions and qualifying?  -What a stupid comment and thought to have.

I just get annoyed, because it seems like the media have got it in for Schumacher!  Even a clip just played-out the close of the BBC coverage whilst I was writing this, that the commentator was heard saying. "And it seems like Schumacher is getting in the way".  I'm sorry, but it really does seem to me like there is someone in the BBC, particularly looking for any chance to have a dig at Michael.  

Its like they are trying to undermine Schumacher's confidence by hammering away with these digs, comments and slants on his driving.  Schuey must surely get to hear about this crap that goes on, perhaps they hope it will affect his driving.  

There must be thousands of clips more suited to the close of the BBC F1 coverage, but you know what it is don't you?  They, (the BBC), are just trying to sensationalize and cause controversy, without actually being seen as the ones who are actually the cause of it!  Whoever chose that clip at the end, will be one of the anti-Schuey-squad, they need sacking. Bad show!

Either leave Schuey alone, or give him some respect for the great driver he is.  Did you notice they, (yes - the BBC), never said one good thing about Schuey all weekend up to now! (End of Qualifying).

Why can't they say:- Wow, look at Schumacher!  He beat all those other veteran drivers, had some really great and enviable practice times in all of the practice sessions and was the most consistent-driver in practice. Then  qualified not far behind his team mate, who, with all due respect for the great driver he is turning out to be, is half Schuey's age!  But, maybe truth and reality isn't as interesting to the BBC!  

Sun 08 May 2011  Race 13:00

 Not wanting to labour the point again, but if you watched the BBC coverage, more insulting comments were made toward Schuey. I am so disappointed with the BBC presenters comments and so surprised that two of them, who are ex race drivers, had nothing good to say in Schuey's favor. 

One comment was that Michael should re-consider his decision to come back to F1. It was mistakenly read by the other commentator, what what meant, was that he should re-consider a turning in move that cost him his front wing. That is standard racing incidents, nothing to do with age of a driver.

Even now whilst I write this again, after the race, the BBC commentators are talking and Eddie Jordan just said that he felt sorry for Schuey, in the same way that he felt sorry for the boxer, Mohammed Ali, when he was beat by an unknown newcomer. Due in no doubt to his age.

What are the BBC trying to do? It seems that have a hate campaign against Schumacher. The fact that Schumacher is there and racing is proof alone that he is good enough to compete. What's wrong with people?

It will be a sad day when people are pushed out due to this rumor mongering and back-stabbing, especially when it comes from the likes of the BBC. Hey listen, do you know why the BBC EX-F1 drivers 'ARE - EX F1 Drivers', it is because they don't have the guts to drive in competition anymore.

They know they couldn't do, because if they could, since its in their blood, that's exactly what they would be doing. That's what they should be doing, instead of snapping at the ankles of a great driver like Schuey. Look: - Schumacher finished 12th in the worlds best drivers. (Where was Di Resta, (having a siesta))? 

Schumacher beat:- Sutil, Perez, Barrichello, Alguersuari, Maldonado, Trulli, Kovalainen, D'Ambrosio, Karthikeyain, Liuzzi, Di Ressta and Glock! So, why don't the BBC commentators bitch on about those drivers lack of driving ability and possible faults in their decision making? 

Listen very carefully to the BBC comments, I was listening for just one negative comment about one other driver, any other driver, but there were none! They never said once that any other driver should be considering his career or talking any other drivers race decisions down.

Coulthard has just said in the after action report, that no-one should write Schumacher off just yet. Also he did give him credit for one of Schuey's overtaking maneuvers. It is true, as Coulthard said; There is a point in every sportsmans career, when he has to stop:- But, surely the natural selection process, of the 107% rule will sort out the men from the boys.

Its as simple as this, there should be no-ageism in F1. The facts stand for themselves, if someone else can drive better than Schuey and get faster times, then the team will resign Schuey and employ another faster driver. The fact is that Schuey is fast enough and is faster than most of the whole field, so I don't even understand why these issues are being aired!

The BBC don't seem to want to pee on Vettles parade!

On a slightly different issue, everyone used to complain about Ferrari (and Schuey), winning all of the races, saying that F1 had become predictable and boring.  Err, I don't hear them saying that now, yet Red Bull is winning all of the races and its usually Vettle on the podium.  I have no problem with that, but I just wanted to point it out that history is repeating its-self.  Except that the BBC don't seem to want to pee on Vettles parade!  Maybe the BBC have some sort of under the table deal with Red Bull?

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