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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

F1 Race 09 GREAT BRITAIN 04 - 06 July 2014

04 - 06 July 2014

#Hamilton Wins! -  Mercedes.
Bottas 2nd - Williams.
Ricciardo 3rd - Red Bull. 

So - even after Hamilton's big mistake in qualifying, when he effectively gave up, thinking he could not improve on his time in the final qualifying lap. Here he goes and wins. A big lesson he will learn from yesterday's qualifying for all his future races, is to never give-up.

The race was delayed for one hour due to Kimi Raikkonen crashing out and taking out Massa on his travels. (More comment about that from me further down). Right on the first lap - There's a huge shunt for Raikkonen, from ANOTHER driver who ran wide and causes a corner collision. No-one is talking about this incident right now as I write, (I cannot see who the other driver was who bumped Raikkonen off), and no-replays are being shown! Was I the only-one to see this? Its like I'm in my own world of awareness on this. Even friends sat watching the race with me did not see this. We argue the case! Am I losing my mind? No- read RED below.. 

Anyway, this initial collision (I don't think it was Raikkonen's fault), bumps Raikkonen into the run-off area. But as he rejoins, he clips a bump and that sent his Ferrari flying into the barriers. The safety car was deployed and the race stopped. His decision to rejoin the racing line at that speed is what I am questioning. (And, at this time, I seem to be the only one who has seen this or has the understanding of how this happened). Am I in a different alternate reality? Why can't everyone else see this?

After the race restart, (delayed as above). Lewis Hamilton just leaped ahead overtaking car after car. It was an excellent race to watch. This is one to get on DVD - make sure you see the re-runs. 

Fernando is under criticism from Sebastian Vettel. Seb says he had the line of the curve on two occasions, being a nose ahead, makes you the leading driver, that dictates the line of the curve and the other drivers behind you have to yield to the leading drivers line, however. Vettel had to change his line through corners to avoid a collision. 

Fernando is also complaining that Vettel had used DRS where he shouldn't, but, as we know, all that stuff is controlled electronically, so it cannot be as Fernando says. He said there's no point in discussing it, (reading between the lines, that means he knows he is wrong on that count). That is my own opinion. 

What no-one seems to be talking about, is the Kimi Raikkonen incident. OK Raikkonen was bumped off the track, but his decision to try and get back into the race from the run-off area was totally unprecedented and idiotic, considering his experience.  

Kimi Raikkonen drove too fast over the grass to the track surface, it was bound to cause a problem. Even if he had not bounced into the air as he did, entering the racing line again and effectively cutting-in at full race speed, would have also been stupid and dangerous. What was he thinking.

But - amazingly no disciplinary action was taken against Raikkonen, he has totally destroyed Massa's race too. I agree with this Twitter post from the BBC:-  Three-time world champion Niki Lauda has been critical of Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen following his crash: "Thank God Kimi is OK, but why does he come back [on to the track] so hard?
"He should have kept it a little easier otherwise nothing would have happened." Says Lauda.
BBC Twitter - Some strong words from Mercedes' non-executive chairman Niki Lauda when talking to Suzi Perry and Eddie Jordan. "Formula 1 is over regulated," he says.
"It's all crazy. To stop the race for one hour because one of the barriers is damaged is ridiculous. They are never going to hit it again.
"The chances of it happening again are zero. They take care of every little detail and a lot of people will switch the television off."

PolePosition here at Formula1Race Comments.

My initial paranoia (thinking I was the only one who saw and understood what had happened in the Raikkonen incident), has been backed up. I cheer and rejoice as now finally others join in. Re Niki Lauda also saw what I saw.
I personally think, if that had been Massa, Hamilton or Button who drove back into the racing line like Raikkonen did, they would have been facing future race bans! I hope to hear that Raikkonen is going to pay for his idiocy. But as I close this post, it seems no one is saying any-more about it. I commented to #BBC but did not get a reply from the commentators. 

The Barrier Fiasco.
The barrier could have been fixed much quicker, if the workmen had had the correct tools. We saw them just using hand tools like open ended spanners instead of powered socket wrenches. As a mechanic myself, I know too well how this work was going for them. Twisted metal barriers would have tightened up all the bolts and mounts. They should have used gas cutting or a plasma torch to remove the damaged panels, and the work would have been completed within 15 minutes. Total amateurs if you ask me. 

Pole Position.

RACE RESULT F1 2014 Race 09 British F1 GP for courtesy

RACE RESULT F1 2014 Race 09 British F1 GP for courtesy
RACE RESULT F1 2014 Race 09 British F1 GP for courtesy

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As I write now -a grass side seat, the race has been stopped for about one hour whilst the Armco barrier was being fixed. Also watching live online on my PC from the BBC live stream. 

INTERESTING F1 NEWS - The opener to the BBC F1 show was a corker, with Lewis Hamilton "jumping" out of the plane. You can watch it again here.

09 GREAT BRITAIN 04 - 06 July 2014

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Fri 04 July 2014
Practice 110:00 - 11:30
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Sat 05 July 2014
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Sun 06 July 2014

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