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Thursday, July 19, 2012




Race Date: 22 Jul 2012.
Circuit Name: Hockenheim Ring.
Number of Laps: 67.
Circuit Length: 4.574 km.
Race Distance: 306.458 km.
Lap Record: 1:13.780 - K Raikkonen (2004).

Alonso. Button, Raikkonen.
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Fri 20 July 2012
Practice 1  09:00 - 10:30

 The UK is only getting the radio coverage on 5 Live Sports Extra, (not radio 5). The radio coverage is also on Freeview channel 706 BBC R5SX (BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra). Still, if you have SKY you won't miss out, it is full coverage on SKY of all the races and practice sessions.

The link on the BBC F1 page to the internet radio station does not work, (and never has all through the season), despite my comments and notifications to the BBC about this. I am not going to bother telling the BBC anymore, they are not interested in F1. 

Practice 2 listening update. NOT EVEN RADIO 5 LIVE or Sports Extra F1 Coverage!
  • Not only does the link not work, but it is now 13:23 on Friday UK BST as I write, and there is supposed to be radio coverage of practice 2 on radio 5 Live SX (the same place I was listening to F1 this morning), but all I have is the cricket - test match special?  So, BBC, where is our F1 coverage? No links or explanation on the BBC Sport site. Just the link that does not work! The BBC have abandoned F1 and they do not even care to tell us that there is no coverage on R5LSX. 
  • On Freeview 705 BBC R5L it is the Open Golf. 
  • On 706 BBC R5SX (where we had the F1 this morning, we now have cricket). 
  • On Freeview 301 Golf Open (AGAIN). 
  • On 302 - BBC Red Button - NOTHING! 
  • On BBC1 - press red button - all you get is text, no audio! 
  • On BBC2 Golf Open (AGAIN)! 
  • We certainly have never had F1 on more than one channel simultaneously! 
  • The only place to listen was online, via the BBC Sport site after surfing the site, I found a link to 'LISTEN LIVE,' it took me to which I think is NOT R5 Live Sports Extra. 
  • It has taken me 23 minutes into second practice to find this, so what chance have F1 fans to follow the race sessions. Bad show BBC! I cannot find F1 commentary on the radio, nor on Freeview which has all on the radio stations. The only place to listen is online!
Bad show BBC!

I see they have pushed the boat out as usual with all the monotonous tennis and cricket coverage and the golf open championship. Great; if you enjoy tennis, cricket or golf, (and I am not knocking any of those sports), but to an F1 fan like myself, tennis, cricket and golf is about as interesting as watching paint dry! 

I am talking about the BBC big-wigs who make the programming decisions, the ones who take our money for licensing fees! The BBC F1 team themselves are second to none, a lot better than the SKY team. Especially with people like Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard, (so long as they are held together by a professionally trained commentator and reporter like Jake Humphries), mainly because of their experience and first hand knowledge of F1.

Its all Bernie's Fault!

I wonder what an outcry there would have been if the BBC stopped coverage of those other sports? There would be questions asked in parliament, no doubt! Anyway, I digress, its really Bernie's fault. You will certainly know what I'm going on about if you are a true F1 fan who has followed the sport since its days on BBC2; (to the rest of you, it won't make any sense, rhyme or reason, so there is no point in going on about it). I'm done! 

Read some comments about the BBC's F1 coverage HERE!

We (in UK) are not the only people with F1 viewing issues, read more HERE!

I thought the UK was the home of F1, it used to be! Shouldn't that mean the BBC should take more pride and responsibility in producing the main coverage for that sport? Also, the BBC is watched the world over, isn't it? (I am not sure on this)! That's a world-wide F1 audience!

Practice 2.   13:00 - 14:30. No R5LSX - see above comment. You can only listen online, (as far as I can find), listening now, live online!
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Saturday 21 July 2012.
Practice 3.  10:00 - 11:00.
The only place to listen is online, via the BBC Sport site after surfing the site, I found a link to 'LISTEN LIVE,' online which is NOT R5 Live Sports Extra!

Qualifying.   13:00.  I will be watching on SKY at a friends house. Rerun on BBC2 17:00 - 18:10.
Weber has a 5 position demotion, moving everyone up one position. So Schumacher will be in 3rd position and Hulkenburg 4th on the grid, etc. This might be a chance for Schumacher to win, but Alonso is very fast and I think he has a better package all round here at the Hockenheim Ring. (I don't even have to mention Vettel's chances do I)?

If you were watching, did you see Lewis Hamilton after the qualifying, did not want to wait in line after Jenson Button when the drivers were giving interviews. That never sits well for the teams when they have sponsors who want to get their names and ads seen. Re- the advertising from the sponsors on the drivers clothing. I have no doubt that Hamilton will get a telling off for that.

We never found out if Hamilton was fined for his donuts he did after the last race-weekend at Silverstone, because presenter Jake Humphries offered to pay any fine didn't he!

Sunday 22 July 2012. 
Race. 13:00.
Vettel's little excursion off the track when overtaking, has cost him 20 seconds, so although he had finished second, his finish time was 5th. Grosjean, Rosberg and Webber were demoted five grid places each, for unscheduled gearbox changes and Perez was also demoted five grid places for impeding during the race.

If you have no Sky to view the race sessions, then your next best option is to listen on 

This is a Pole Position Post.

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